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Summit Forum of Global Elastomers’ Application and Development
spring, 2021
Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel

Summit Overview

On behalf of the Conference Chairs & Committees of the 6th UTPE Global Elastomer Application & Development Summit (the Summit), we would like to extend you a formal invitation to attend the Summit, which will be held on spring, 2021 in Nanjing, China, and full live streaming through internet for global audiences.
We have successfully host 5 annual summits in the past, with 1,000+ people from 900+ companies joined our 2019 Summit, including Dow, Sabic, ExxonMobil, Covestro. This year we are excited to bring 2 strategic partners to co-host : Alibaba Group, the world's largest B2B e-commerce platform; and China New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center (NEVC) , the first and only government funded entity devoted to acceleration of new materials upgrade in electric cars as part of China's national stratgeic depoyment.
The Summit will focus on global challenges and opportunities in the new material industry, focus ing on 5 areas: 5G & Artificial Intellegence, Sustainability & Recycling, Automotive & Transportation, Footwear, and Compounding.
Conference Highlights:
1 Conference Theme: Globalization of New Material Science,5 Technical Sub-Forums
50+ Distinguished Speakers,60+ On-site Exhibitors Including Suppliers, End Users, & Investment Firms
300+ Global Industry Experts
1,000+ On-site Attendees From 900+ Companies
10,000+ Online Audiences Across The World

The 6th Summit Tropics

Topics of the 6th Global Elastomer Summit (main venue)
  1 UTPE Innovation in Industrial Internet
  2 Market Opportunities in the Elastomer Industry from a Global Perspective
  3 Innovation of Polyolefin Elastomer Products and Application
  4 Solutions to Sustainable TPE Material
  5 Material Analysis Technology for Elastomer Formulation Design
  6 ntroduction of High Performance Polyurethane Elastomers for Flame Retardant Cables
  7 TPV Product Upgrade and Technological Innovation
  8 TPEE Performance Characteristics and Application Case Analysis
  9 Degradable Mechanism and Market Prospects of Degradable Bio-based Elastomers
  10 Application Characteristics of Different Elastomers in the Medical Film Industry
  11 Polymer Material Solutions in Key Components of 5G Industry
  12 New Energy Automotive Lightweighting Plan and Material Demand
  13 Material Requirements for Different Parts of High-end Sports Shoes
  14 5G & Artificial Intelligence Industry Cable Material Technical Requirements and Market Prospects
  15 R&D and Market Prospects of Thermoplastic Butyl Rubber Elastomer TPIIR for Mmedical Rubber Stoppers
Offline technology venue
Modifiation venue
  1 SSBR Structure, Performance and Application
  2 TPAE Elastomer Performance Characteristics and Application Scenarios
  3 EPDM for Key Factors Affecting the Stability of TPV Performance
  4 Solutions to Aging Mechanism of Elastomers
  5 Requirements of Different Elastomers for Granulation Equipment
Footwear venue
  1 Application of EVA Foam Material in Sports Shoe Sole
  2 Supercritical Foaming Technology Used in the Production of Lightweight Shoe Soles
  3 Materials and Technology for 3D Printing Shoes
  4 ffects of Rubber Varieties on Outsole Properties
  5 Key Bonding Techniques for Different Shoes Materials
Car venue
  1 Modified Plastic Structural Parts for Automotive Lightweighting
  2 Overall Lightweight Design of Lithium Battery
  3 Key Performance and Standard Analysis of Charging Pile
  4 KEffects of Material Selection and Structure Design on Automotive Lightweighting
  5 Performance Analysis of Automotive Adhesive for Connection and Sealing
  6 Technological Progress in Key Parts of Automotive Lightweighting
Online technology venue
Degradable venue
  1 Application of Bio-Based Materials in 3D Printing
  2 Modification Technology for Degradable Material
  3 Synthesis and Degradation Properties of Bio-Based Thermosetting Resins
  4 Development Status and Policy Analysis of Degradable Materials
  5 Typical Cases of Degradable Materials for Packaging
  6 Key Parts of Biodegradable Material Production Line
  7 Analysis of Characteristics and Markets of Different Degradable Materials
  8 Production and Application of PPC Degradable Plastics
  9 Research and Development of Polycaprolactone Technology and Localization Process
  10 REquipment and Process Requirements for Degradable Film Materials
5G venue
  1 Preparation and Industrialization of LCP Film for 5G
  2 Development and Application of Low Dielectric Constant PPS
  3 Application of Nanometer Injection Molding Technology in 5G
  4 Role of Polytetrafluoroethylene in 5G
  5 Thermal Interface Material/ Electromagnetic Shielding Material
  6 Electromagnetic Shielding Material in 5G
  7 Application of Makrolon in 5G
  8 Application of Ceramic Powder in 5G Rubber and Plastic Industry
  9 Application of Low Dielectric Glass Fiber in 5G
  10 Application of PEEK in 5G

Guests of Summit

Chief Scientist on Lithium Polymers

Sinopec BaLing Branch
Global Technology Director

Cabot Corporation
Director of Quantitative Research Center

Renmin University of China
General Manager
CGN-Delta (Suzhou) Total Polymer Vision Co.Ltd
National NEV (New Energy Vehicle) Technology Innovation Center
Aimin Zhang
Professor of State Key Lab
Institute of Polymer Research, Sichuan University
Professor & Vice President

Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Consultancy Director at Cambridge NanoTech ,Lucideon CTO
Royal Society Industry Fellow
Guangcai Zou
Principal of Technical Policy Source Group and Resource Integration Group
National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center
Scientist of Elastomer Technology Development and Support

The Dow Chemical Company
ShuiYuan Luo
Green Environmental Functional Shoe Material

Fujian Provincial Research Center

Review of previous sessions (video + photo)


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