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DZBH New Material hosts the Fourth Global Elastomer Application & Development Summit in Nanjing from 17th to 19th October, 2018.





DZBH New Material has focused on elastomer industry for more than 20 years and have already hosted three elastomer summits.






1.The summit showed the development of global elastomer, involving the key points and difficulties of the elastomer industry. We also shared new industrial ideas and opportunities with our audiences.

2.Experts are invited from LUCIDEON to make a detailed analysis report, and clarify the importance of developing the overseas market with the help of international cooperation from related elastomer industry.

3.Analyze the application concretely from different fields in order to expand new development direction for enterprises.

These applications include different aspects from automotive field, such as TPE film, TPE, TPV and TPU and the latest HSBC products from Baling Petrochemical.



1.The summit covers a wide range of fields and aims at improving customers experience and helping enterprises to deploy the industrial strategic position and finally realize the linkage between the international market and domestic market under the background of globalization.

2. With the combination of technical experts from elastomer industry and big data from us, we can inject new energy into our elastomer portal, create new development concept and find new opportunity.

3.The summit not only provide a smooth communication platform, but also bring a feast of technical exchange.



1.Lasted: Data is the most objective basis for economic research. Because of the unpredictable situation from China-United States trade war, the timeliness of data appears to be particularly important. So we will continue to update the global data and information until the beginning of meeting .

2.Truth: Part of our data are from internationally well-known economic analysis institution, so that we can analyze and discuss the most reasonable ideas and methods together in a more scientific and real perspective .

3.Practical: U-TPE has summarized and analyzed questions asked from the customers online. So our speech includes not only strategic and directional content, but also the most needed landing with industry customers.

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